Migration is now Automated at TBC004 and Kringle.cash

The Migration window is rapidly closing.  As of July 31st, the tbc004.net web wallet will be shut down permanently.  In other words you will not have access to your tbc004.net funds unless you complete migration by July 31, 2018.

Manually processing migration has been a slow process for the support team and we have finally as of this week moved to an Automated Migration.  You’ll now see a “Migration” section in your web wallet only if your web wallet fee is paid.  It’s a three step simple process.  To start you can login to your tbc004.net web wallet and follow the steps.


  1. Go to https://tbc009.net and with the same email as your tbc004.net web wallet, register at the new 009 wallet.
    You will be prompted upon registration to select a security question and set your security answer (enter it twice), then you will be asked for it a third time to complete the login.
  2. Use the form below to transfer your current balance to tbc009.net wallet.
    IF you do not use the same email the transfer will not be successful and you will be advised that no account exists at tbc009.net.
  3. Please click the link to complete the migration questionnaire.
    This is the 10 Question form which requires you to read and successfully pass before your send button is turned on at tbc009.net.
    IF you have not completed this questionnaire, your web wallet send button will not be turned on, even though your coins are migrated.  Please promptly complete the questionnaire.

In the Funds Migration box, simply enter your email address if you have completed the steps above and press the Migrate button.

What should you expect?
-Your tbc004.net web wallet will be queued for migration and you can expect your funds to arrive in your tbc009.net wallet in less than 24 hours.
-Your tbc004.net web wallet will show 0 (ZERO) coins upon the pressing of the Migrate button, do not be alarmed.


You may also migrate within Kringle.Cash using the Migration menu item.  You will be required to complete the 10 Question test and at the end you will be given instructions to migrate your tbc004.net web wallet by visiting tbc004.net and following the steps above.

It doesn’t matter which way you decide to migrate your coins, but you can only do this process once.


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